Meruelo is a village of big craftsmen and of big traditions, because of it they support his ancient customs, as the game of skittles trasmerano or Pasabolo-slab and the conservation of bells by means of the Museum of the Bell.

Likewise, it relies on a great art heritage, so much religiously as civilian.

El San Bartolomé's Neighborhood consists of a set of historical buildings that are been rehabilitated by the Town hall in the last years, on having be considered to be all this patrimony as cultural good worth remaining.

The municipality has the facilities necessary for the accomplishment of any sports activity: padel, football, basketball, tennis, indoor soccer, gymnasium, swimming pool, hiking.

The river Campiazo crosses this valley leaving to his step a beautiful place, which shapes the Route of the Mills. A whole of 11,5 km from tour, from average difficulty and where they can appreciate six mills of river and one of tide.

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